These extremity vacuum splints are constructed from a high-quality puncture-resistant, MRI compatible /X-Ray translucent polyurethane material that is able to keep a vacuum for 24 hours. The best medical equipment for EMS always comes form Med Tech Sweden, Inc.

Easy to apply:

     Place the desired extremity vacuum splint on a flat surface; distribute the beads evenly over the extremity splint.

     Apply the small hand vacuum pump, open the valve, and pump out some air, making the splints stiffer to prevent the beads from shifting when applying to the extremity.

     Close the valve; disconnect the vacuum pump and apply the splint to the extremity.

     Form the splint around the extremity and use medical tape to close it, connect the vacuum pump, open the valve, and withdraw the air fully. Close the valve and readjust with some more tape, if necessary.

     The disposable extremity vacuum splints fold to a compact size when not in use. A set is available with a small hand-operated vacuum pump, suction-adapter for portable suction units, and a carrying case for easy storage.

DL20001 Wrist/Ankle Deluxe Extremity Vacuum Splint (Deluxe EVS)....$178.50

Wrist / Ankle Extremity Vacuum Splint (EVS)

SKU: DL20001

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